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3 Common Auto Insurance Claims

3 Common Auto Insurance Claims

If you own an automobile and drive regularly, odds are you’ll find yourself in some sort of car accident at least once in your life. Whether it’s a fender bender in a supermarket parking lot, a collision with your neighbor’s mailbox, or an accident involving another car in traffic, it’s best to know what to do if you wind up having to file an auto insurance claim. Contact our car accident lawyers at WSYC Law in Alberta if you need help settling an insurance claim, or continue reading to learn about the three main types of auto insurance claims.

Property Damage Claims

Property damage claims are by far the most common type of car accident claim. This is the report you file with your insurance adjuster when you are involved in any kind of car accident that results in damage to your property or someone else’s property. Property damage claims are filed by both parties involved in a car wreck, as well as individuals who damage someone else’s property when there is not another party present. Examples of this include hit-and-run accidents, as well as vehicles hitting inanimate objects like mailboxes, signs, and poles. The insurance company of the person at fault pays for the property damage claim once the deductible has been met.

Total Loss Claims

Total loss claims are car accident claims that are filed when the damage to a vehicle would cost more to repair than what the car itself is actually worth. If your car is totaled and the cost of repairs exceeds its value, you’ll file a total loss claim and be reimbursed for the fair market value of your car before it was totaled. This varies by where you live and what car insurance plan you have, but the payout for most total loss claims is usually the value of the pre-accident condition of your vehicle. Stolen cars are also considered a total loss if not recovered, assuming that you have involved the police and filed a total loss claim with your insurance adjuster.

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Bodily Injury Claims

Bodily injury claims are another common type of car accident claim, as it is not uncommon for drivers and passengers to suffer some sort of injury during a car accident. Bodily injury claims typically cover the cost of medical bills associated with any injuries attained, such as broken bones, concussions, and whiplash, as well as any necessary surgeries or ongoing physical therapy. Bodily injury claims are paid for by the insurance company of the person responsible for the car accident. In some cases, bodily injury claims can also cover your legal fees if you need to defend yourself in court in the event that the other party were to file a claim against you.

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If you or someone you know has been in a car accident, it is important that you file an auto insurance claim as soon as possible. Contact our car accident attorneys at WSYC Law today for help filing and settling your car insurance claim.