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Welcome to the We Settle Your Claim Law blog! Here, our insurance lawyers will be posting additional information about Canadian laws and insurance companies, as well as the services we provide as a law firm that focuses on insured loss recovery and insurance claim settlement. As one of the only law firms in Alberta that deals specifically with legal discrepancies in regard to property and homeowners insurance, car accidents, personal injury, and other insured losses, we provide a particularly important service for the community. That being said, many people have questions about what exactly an insurance claim lawyer does, so here is a little background about us.

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Who We Are

We Settle Your Claim Law is a law firm in Alberta that focuses on insured losses, insurance claim settlements, and mediating relationships between the insured and their insurance companies, it is our job to protect victims of unfortunate events. Whether it be the Fort McMurray wildfire that destroyed all your belongings, a car accident that left you injured and your car totaled, or any other kind of insured loss, we are here to fight for the insurance claim settlement you deserve. It’s all part of our mission to use our legal experience to stand up for those who might not otherwise have a voice against the words and actions of their insurance company.

Bearing in mind that not all insurance companies are corrupt or have bad intentions, sometimes accidents happen that can cause disagreements between you and your insurance company. While this is not always a bad thing, often the help of an experienced homeowners insurance lawyer, car accident lawyer, or personal injury lawyer is required to effectively settle your claim for what you are duly owed.

Our insurance claim lawyers have helped many home and business owners in Alberta negotiate, draft, and process insurance claims, and we are more than happy to help you as well. It is our job to serve as an intermediary between victims and their insurance companies, and we will stop at nothing to get you the appropriate compensation — even if that means representing you in court. You can trust us when we say that no case involving insured losses and insurance claims is too much for us to handle.

Our Legal Services

At WSYC Law, we are proud to offer a range of legal services for Alberta residents who are suffering an insured loss and need help getting the reimbursement they need. To accomplish this, our insurance claim attorneys can take the weight off your shoulders by negotiating and drafting agreements for you until we reach an insurance claim settlement. We can help you file any kind of insurance claim, whether that be a residential or commercial property claim, a homeowners insurance claim, a car accident claim, a personal injury claim, or any other kind of document such as the schedule of loss.

Settling insurance claims is our area of legal knowledge, so with us as your trusted insurance claim lawyers, you won’t have to worry about filling out complicated paperwork or navigating the muddy waters of insured losses alone. Our attorneys understand better than anyone just how emotionally and physically draining these situations can be, and we aim to alleviate some of the stress by taking care of the legal documents and disputes for you.

We believe that as the victim of an accident, you should only be responsible for taking care of yourself and your loved ones in the aftermath, so we make it possible for you to leave the rest to us. If you or someone you know is suffering from an insured loss, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We would be more than happy to help settle your claim.